Monday, August 1, 2011

And the winner is...

...commenter #4, Sister Shirley of the Modern Mourner!  

Congratulations, Sister Shirley!  I hope you enjoy this gorgeous dress by Shabby Apple, and glam it up to the nine with Gothic-inspired accessories and sexy heels.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

Shabby Apple, an amazing online women's apparel boutique, and Style Scientist are partnering to offer Style Scientist blog readers a chance to win one of Shabby Apple fantastic dresses.  

If you have not heard or visited Shabby Apple, please do so now.  They have many pretty dresses and skirts that are feminine, flirty and fun!  Visiting Shabby Apple website makes me want to wear their dresses and transform myself into one of those gorgeous female characters in AMC Mad Men series!

 Wonderfully nostalgic and vintage-inspired classic with a modern twist...that's how I would describe Shabby Apple design. 

Now here is the dress that I picked for one lucky winner.

Image from
What can I say?  Yes...Wow...Right?  This dress is undeniably gorgeous and sophisticated.   It's call "Moon River" and you can check out more details of the dress here.  

Image from
Made from dark gray stretch sateen fabric with fitted bodice and wide boat neckline, this dress is very Jackie O, very lady-like and very mysteriously seductive.

Image from
I love how wearing a belt above the ruffles rejuvenates the look of the dress and gives the appearance of a smaller waistline.  Who wouldn't like to look slimmer!

Image from
So, if you would like to own this dress, just enter for a chance to win it.  The rule is very simple.

Just leave a comment in this post and tell me how you would accessorize this dress e.g. what kind of handbag, shoes, jewelry etc you would wear with it.  One lucky reader will be chosen randomly and announced on July 31, 2011.  Only US residents are eligible for this giveaway.

Also, if you visit Shabby Apple and purchase any merchandise, please don't hesitate to use a coupon code "stylescientist10off" to receive an additional 10% off of your entire purchase.  This coupon expires on August 7, 2011.

Happy Giveaway!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

All Time Favorites: Marni Spring 2009 Runway Shoes

Yes, they are!  Every time I look at this collection, I've never got bored and I like them more and more every time.  In fact, I want every single pair in this collection!  Ha...ha...greedy me. :P  They are so amazing in every single aspect.  Be it either the design  which is uniquely Marni, the great craftsmanship and the choice of materials and colors used.  They are very individualistic.   And that's what I like about Marni shoes - funky, playful and confident.

Images from
Not only that the shoes from this collection are to-die-for, but the clothes and the accessories are also pretty amazing, too.  Gotta love those big bold costume jewelry, so awesome!

Image from
Aside from the other Marni shoes from the 2009 collection which I posted here, here and here, this one is probably the most playful of all.

I love the extra wide crisscross patent straps reinforced with suede loops.

Of course, the red and white woven leather pattern on the heels and the platforms make these shoes so eye-catching!

They are quite comfortable and give you lots of extra height.  The elastic strap at the back also doesn't hurt at all.

Camel, chocolate brown, red and white together never look this good EVER!  Really!  :D

Worn with a Prada stretch poplin shirt from Spring 2011, an incredibly soft AG Adriano Goldschmied skinny crop and a Louis Vuitton bucket bag.

This Louis Vuitton Monogram Rubis Neo Bucket bag is from their 2008 cruise collection.  I have not used it so often, so the leather is still pretty light in color.  I love the red embossed alligator trims and the way they are woven into the bag.   They make the bag a lot more interesting than the regular Monogram bucket bag.

I used to not care so much about the navy blue color, but I learned to like it recently.  I used to think of navy blue as being formal and sometimes quite boring.  But recently, navy blue clothing has caught my attention quite a bit.  When I spotted this incredibly cute Prada button-down fitted blouse with a big bow on the front in navy blue, I picked it right away.  It's the first navy blue item in my closet and I love it!   

FYI, I will host a giveaway with next week.  A lucky winner will receive one of their super cute dresses which I will get to pick...yay!   Please go check out their website here.  They have lots of cute stuff there and the price is very reasonable, too!

Don't snooze and stay tuned for the giveaway!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bold, Bright and Shiny: Prada Stripy Heel Platform Mary Janes

I'm a big sucker for Mary Jane shoes.  I don't know why, but I think it has to do with the strap across the instep.  It invokes a sense of youthfulness and I think that has to do with the fact that Mary Janes are originally and traditionally worn by young girls.  

Every season, I always look for a new variant of Mary Jane shoes.  And for Spring 2011, the winner for the best Mary Janes (according to me..he..he) is Prada....surprise...surprise.... LOL

Mary Jane Wedge Platforms in smooth shiny silver leather with a circular buckle?

And the bold stripy heels?  Who think of that?

Image from
These green and black striped one is also pretty awesome.  But I prefer the gray and black.

Image from
Stripy everywhere from head to toe?  Are you kidding me?   LOL....only Prada can get away with it, seriously.  (BTW, I'm so in love with this outfit.  Wish I could get a hold of it.)

Thank you, Miuccia, for thinking outside the box.  Please keep the unexpected coming.  I can't imagine if all shoes were only designed by Manolo Blah..blah..blah...or Jimmy Choo..shoo..shoo.  It would have been so depressing.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Odd Couple: Vivienne Westwood Pirate Patchwork Mismatched Brogues

So, I decided to delve into a new territory of an odd shoe trend - mismatched shoes!!  I remember the last time when I indulged myself into a pair of mismatched shoes was when I was 5 years old :D.  You know how kids enjoy it when silly things they do make adults laugh....yeah...  

When I fist saw these Vivienne Westwood mismatched brogues, I thought "how cute!".  The first thing that struck my attention was the colors of the shoes.  Although, each shoe is different, but somehow it has a bit of a color coordination going on there.  I think the blue, camel and coral work quite well together.

The blue side is made of patent leather....

....while the camel side is made of very soft suede

This odd couple is not all in disagreement.  It does have a matching patchwork at the heel.

Note the asymmetrical patchwork in the front.  How quirky!

Remember when Helena Bonham Carter caused all the rage wearing a pair of mismatched pumps at the Golden Globe Awards this past season?  I believe her shoes are also by Vivienne Westwood.

Image from
Justin Theroux also wore mismatched Nike sneakers to Iron Man 2 Hollywood premiere.  Gotta love a man with such confidence!

Image from
A New York fashionista let her inner child take over by sporting a pair of mismatched pumps. Lovely!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feel Good Miu Miu

I watched "the Wrestler" by Darren Aronofsky over the weekend and felt so depressed!  It's a good movie, but it's so sad :(.  The style of the movie is sort of like "Black Swan" which depicts a character who is so desperate to survive (as in the Wrestler) or to be perfect (as in Black Swan).  I love Aronofsky's work.  I watched his first movie "Pi" which was done in black and white when it first came out many years ago, and I think it's brilliant.   Then, I watched "Requiem for A Dream" which was pretty heavy-duty.  I certainly did not prepare my psyche to handle such a load of mind handling by this director.  Aronofsky is very talented, and you have to be quite prepared to watch his movie.  He certainly knows how to mess up with his audience's mind x_x.

Anyhoo, my BD present arrived just in time to cure my movie-induced depression...he..he..:D

Image from
The Spring 2011 Miu Miu runway collection is so pretty!  I've been eyeing on several versions of these pumps and boots.  I love how Miu Miu juxtaposes wildly different materials, colors and styles into one shoe.  They clash, but somehow they also fit together in a very eye-pleasing way.

I was contemplating getting the silver, black, red lace-up version as seen on the ad campaign above, but just before I decided, I was notified by my Miu Miu store that a new version just arrived.

And that's it!  I love these shoes so much!  They are so pretty and very feminine.  And I love the muted pink (aka "Cipria") color.  They look great with contrasting perforated black trims and patchwork.  I like a little bit of a retro feel of these shoes, the skinny buckled straps make them look young and modern.

Look at the heels!  So pretty <3!

Image from Harper Bazaar via
I don't have any modeling pics yet, but here's a yellow version of these shoes which also look really hot!

Thanks, Miu Miu for cheering me up, now I can go back to my Sunday night movie.  I think I'll go for a feel-good movie tonight :).

Have a good night everyone, and thank you so much for visiting!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red Hot Chili Lady Clou Louboutin!

Just a quick post after a super long hiatus (so sorry readers, work has gotten in a way for me to blog) to show case my first pair of spring 2011 shoes, the Lady Clou Louboutin in super red hot chili pepper!

Love the spiky studs! 

These come in 4 colors - black, white taupe and red, but since I already have the black studded Very Prive, I chose the red for the Lady Clou.  Wow...isn't it something?  What do you think?

I'll take more detailed pics and modeling pics soon...stay tuned...